Experiences At Stan’s

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3 thoughts on “Experiences At Stan’s

  1. Robby Jones

    1976 vs KC playoff. Sat in rf upper deck 3/4 up. Nettles hr caught by old man sitting next to me smoking a cigar. Had to be 500 +. Then Chambliss walkoff propels boys into series. I ended up on the field to celebrate. Separated by my buds, 200 miles from home, no ride, no phone and no idea how to get home. Ended up in Stans, standing on a cigarette machine in front window joining others dousing each other with beer and screaming F____ Pete Rose as the Yanks series opponent was Cincy. My buds somehow saw me there and all was good. The most joyeus Yankee moment of my life. On the street in front of Stans, cassette recordings of the Chambliss HR call by Scooter were selling well. Stans..the best place for a Yankee fan to be lost and found.

  2. Theresa Hughes

    best memory at stans was last year after a yankee win place was lively was great when the entire bar joined in to sing along with bohemian rhapsody


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