If you’re the the type of person who has been to the Cask N Flagon on your way to Fenway or stopped at Murphy’s Bleachers after leaving Wrigley, then Stan’s is the bar for you at Yankee Stadium.

Stan’s is the anchor of the 161st Street Business District, underneath the famous elevated 4 train and across from the footprint of where “the real house that Ruth Built” stood.  As you walk up historic River Ave, hearing the shouts and noises of a gameday event at the Stadium, you notice the flow of people going in two directions. To the new Yankee Stadium and to what lies in what once was the shadows of the real house that Ruth built, Stan’s Sports Bar.

With the roar of the train above and the smell of peanuts, pretzels and hot dogs in the air as you walk closer, you can hear the chants of “Let’s Go Yankee’s” from the bar. Stan’s is an indoor bar with an outdoor on the street feel. There are no doors or windows to stop the flow of energy from the street to the bar and vice-verse.

If what you’re looking for is wall to wall to Yankee fans, then there is no place like Stan’s – always packed to capacity with fans watching one of 12 T.V.’s, snapping pictures of famous Yankee caricatured on the walls or trying to guess the name of hundreds of pictures of ballplayers and ball parks on the bar top. If baseball is about history and tradition, then Stan’s is what being a Yankee fan is all about. You come for the Iced Cold Beer and stay for the level of passion, energy and entertainment the Yankee faithful bring to Stan’s.